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Wedding Photography

Why Choosing You Just

A picture from the You Just Marry Wedding Photography is not just a piece of paper with some printing, it’s about most wanted Life Memories of feelings, love. So we carefully create Photos and craft Albums with Quality and the way we work is you start recommending to others. uses only a PRO-photographers.

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Wedding Photography

The Beginning of new life together with your Love, Its first and spl event in your new life, We make you happy in making a grand event with You Just Marry wedding photography is a better way of catching those remembrances through images.

Break the Rules:

The history of Wedding photograph goes back to the early 19th century when with the innovation of the camera, it became possible to take images. At that time, wealthy people could sometimes percentage the local specialist to color images of them as they looked during their wedding day, but this was mainly for the very wealthy, and the very expressive. It was something that ‘ordinary’ couples could not afford to do during wedding ceremonies.

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You Just Marry: Indian wedding photography

The only thing that ever lasts longer than these memories are the photos captured on this special occasion by a professional photographer at You Just Marry.

Our Marriage Photography Includes:

  • Pre-wedding photography
  • candid wedding photography
  • wedding photography ideas
  • wedding close up photography
  • outdoor wedding photography
  • post wedding photography
  • Hindu wedding photography
  • christian wedding photography
  • Muslim wedding photography
  • wedding art photography
  • Cinematic wedding videos
  • Creative wedding videos

Candid wedding photography

Not a lot of people think about it, but wedding photography styles are not all the same. Learning about the different techniques will give you a clue as to the results to expect. It will be easier to tell a wedding photographer what works and what doesn’t move you when it comes to wedding photography and wedding cinematography ideas.

Here we have listed some of the most common styles of wedding photographs and wedding cinematography for you.

#1 Documentary Wedding Photography

Also called reportage, documentary marriage photography involves the photographer following the bride and groom, as well as all the guests around and taking pictures without restriction. The technique has become popular recently as brides seek candid shots that capture raw moments that they are not even aware of. There are a lot of crazy and memorable happen at a wedding this style helps in capturing most of it in a wedding album.

#2 Traditional Wedding Photography

The traditional style of Indian wedding photography is Picture the shots that couples close family used to take before the age of digital cameras. Carefully poses are involved in this photo style which usually doesn’t leave much room for creativity. You can count on a list of photographs that focus on the significant parts of the celebration. Photographs with family members, important rituals and so on.

This photography studio style has ordered it and requires the intervention of Indian wedding photographer to get the necessary shots. The traditional style of marriage photography is time oriented, which is the image that makes up wedding portraits.

#3 Artistic Wedding Photography

In today’s world where social networks are taking over a major part in our life uniqueness counts for a great deal. You don’t need Indian wedding photos that look overly similar to a thousand others on Pinterest or Instagram. One way that a wedding photographer can achieve that is through artistic shots.

The technique moves away from the traditional look of full frame portraits of the couple, delving into creative wedding photography. The bride and groom can have fun in the garden or running down a while as the photographer captures all of it. The style allows you every bride and groom to be as adventurous as you wish.

#4 Editorial Wedding Photography

Editorial wedding photography borrows strongly from fashion photo shoots where images are all about making a statement. Photographers use creativity to generate high visual impact. quality poses and breathtaking photos are expected, and the editorial of Indian wedding photography would always appear luxurious and dramatic.

There is a lot of editing that goes on during post-production to develop these types of images. It means that you will get a lot of the photographer’s styles in the photos as opposed to the mood of the wedding. Photographers from the professional background are required for the technique.

#5 Classic Wedding Photography

Think of classic filming as documentary-style but with the photographer adding a bit of our own style. These shots will still look good decades down the line. You will get images that are reflections of the reality of your big day.

A photographer can fuse classic with a modern touch to give the bride and groom tasteful, timeless shots. Although the monochrome design is part of the traditional era of photography, it still has a place in modern weddings.

Black and white filming is one way that a photographer can achieve vintage wedding photos. The key to getting black and white shots right is having the perfect lighting, so the venue of the wedding also determines if this style is possible.

#6 Aerial Wedding Photography

Shots from an elevated position sometimes give the best images of wedding moments. Ariel photos Indian wedding photography are best during the evening or morning when the shadows are longer. Bride and groom can opt for aerial filming if the venue is a large one with a lot of sceneries.

However, an indoor photo shoot from a staircase can give some magnificent shots. Modern day techniques like drone cams are used to take these images.

#7 Mixed Wedding Photography

It is your wedding so being adventurous is allowed and if that means having a little bit of everything, then it is possible.

Our trained crew would help you if you’re like to blend different styles from classic to modern to traditional. What you achieve from mixed photography is a variety of images that may be too many to choose. However, it takes considerable preparations to combine more than one technique.


Some styles may blend in better than others, and a photographer can explain how.

Deciding on the best Indian wedding photographer style can put a damper on your plans when you don’t know what is what. No matter what kind of photo style or mixed photo style you want, explain to us the emotions you want to capture, and which feelings you wish to evoke with each shot. would be happy to make your dreams come true.

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